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Avant delivers tests in 36 languages that leading programs use around the world to demonstrate growth, improve program outcomes, qualify for a Seal of Biliteracy, or earn credit by exam. During the COVID-19 crisis, Avant is working to provide solutions that will address the special and urgent needs of our teachers and learners.
Maintaining the integrity of test results.
For a test to provide meaningful results it must be protected and proctored. Starting April 6th, Avant will provide a rigorous online method of proctoring our Avant STAMP 4STM and WorldSpeakTM tests that will: enable students to take the tests at home; not burden parents or guardians, and assure that the scores will be dependable and accepted.
Avant’s online proctoring option for test takers in grades 7-12 will provide an Artificial Intelligence-supported human proctor who will remotely observe the test takers to assure the integrity of the testing and the scores. Avant has partnered with a major online proctoring company to provide this service. Due to the extremely high demand for remote proctoring, we have been able to negotiate a price of $5 per student for online proctoring during this crisis, which is discounted from our regular price of $25. More details can be found at Avant’s Remote Proctoring page
In exceptional cases, Avant will allow educators to conduct remote proctoring of individual students through Zoom, Skype, or Google Meet. We want to emphasize that there can be technological obstacles with this option. Therefore, under these circumstances, we require educators to sign a waiver. For more information about this choice and the waiver, agreement, please click Here.

Special training opportunities for educators working from home
Avant is providing a special price for ADVANCETM, Avant’s online tool for training educators in the Proficiency Guidelines. We are offering the special price of $99 for a 99-day license on orders placed before July 31, 2020, which is discounted from the regular price of $299 for a 12-month license.
Educators can train on the standards and potentially earn Professional Development Credits. ADVANCETM does not require proctoring. Visit Avant’s website or contact your Avant Account Manager Nicole Hines, at nicole.hines@avantassessment.com for details.
All of us at Avant remains committed to partnering with you to support the ongoing education of your students during these unique times.

Thank you,
David Bong
Co-Founder and CEO

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