Free summer course of Polish language and culture in Poland

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The Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange would like to invite North American students to come to Poland for the free summer course of Polish language and culture. It is a great opportunity to learn Polish in the best possible place – among native speakers and with other students from all over the world who also want to get to know Polish language and Poland better.

In addition to 60 (in the case of a three-week course) or 80 (in the case of a four-week course) hours of Polish language classes, we provide accommodation, meals, a rich cultural program – with trips to the most interesting places in different regions of Poland, lectures on Polish history and heritage, and many integration events that will help to get to know other course participants (from 50 countries from all over the world) and Poles.

Courses are held by the best universities and institutions specialized in teaching Polish as a foreign language in different cities in Poland.

Detailed information is available on the website of the National Agency for Academic Exchange

We will be very grateful for the dissemination of this information among students and teachers interested in Poland.

Applications can be submitted online until February 18, 2020 – until 15:00 local time in Warsaw.

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